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Dieting is not enough if one wants to lose weight. Physical work out is very much needed to stay healthy and strong. Yoga is an exercise that has been done by people for hundreds of years. Yoga not only helps you lose your weight, but it also helps you attain spirituality and peace of mind. If you know what are the benefits of yoga, then you will be delighted to know that today you will come to know about a superior type of Yoga. We are going to discuss one of the most well-known yoga poses i.e. Bikram Yoga Poses.

What will you read?

  • Introduction to Bikram Yoga
  • How is it different from Normal Yoga?
  • What are the benefits of Bikram Yoga?
  • What are the 26 Bikram Yoga Poses? How to do them one by one?

The introduction of BIKRAM YOGA

What is Bikram Yoga? It is a kind of hatha yoga that includes a sequence of breathing exercises and postures, carried out in a heated room heated. Getting the advanced level of spirituality is one of the aims of Bikram Yoga. It makes you flexible and strong with its broad varieties of poses.

How is BIKRAM YOGA different from NORMAL YOGA?

It is not very different from regular yoga, but the only thing that differs it from the normal one is that it is carried out in a heated room. This Hatha yoga has 26 poses that need to be done in a hot room. It is also called hot yoga. Is hot yoga good for you? Yes, it is of great benefits. It makes you stronger than ever and lets you attain a higher level of flexibility.

What are the benefits of Bikram Yoga Poses?

Following are the Bikram yoga benefits:

Increases Flexibility – Some people in this world are flexible by nature, but some need a lot of hard work to increase it. Bikram Yoga helps you increase your flexibility. Some Bikram Yoga poses are very hard to perform, but a little bit of practice will make them easy for you.

New and Different – People are now fed up of traditional gym exercises. Something new and different can motivate them. Bikram Yoga is a new type of physical workout, and this is why it is becoming popular day by day.

Helps you decrease many Calories – If you have just one hour to spend and you would like to use a lot of calories, this is the right Yoga to try. If you compare this with other usual types of yoga, you will find it to be most effective in burning calories. So, if you have been struggling to lose fats, Bikram Yoga is perfect for you.

Helps to cure diseases fast – Bikram Yoga poses can cure a lot of diseases including both common and complex ones.

bikram yoga poses



  1. Standing Deep Breathing Pose

Breathing has a great significance in Yoga. It heats up your body from inside and helps your body get extra oxygen. You will relax your shoulders and neck and will be amused with the funny breathing noise. The objective is to inhale more oxygen so that circulation of blood can be improved.

  1. Half Moon Pose

The next pose is to stretch arms straight over the head then bend to forwards, backward, to the left and the right. This pose helps to enhance blood circulation in your body. With the help of this position, your muscles will be stronger, and you will have refreshing feelings.

  1. The Awkward Pose

It is pretty obvious from the name that this pose is thought to be awkward particularly if you do this outside yoga institute. This pose includes kneeling partly, and you put weight on the feet balls. This pose will not only make your feet and knees strong but will also remove chubbiness from your legs in addition to shaping legs muscles.

  1. Eagle Pose

The aim of this pose is to increase the flexibility of the lower body. In this pose, your wings are stretched that opens all the important joints. By twisting and pressing your legs and arms, white pressure points are developed on your skin. It is equally beneficial for a pregnant woman. If you are pregnant, ask your instructor to provide “one on one” training so that he/she may guide on the correct posture. Fertility health can be improved with this pose.

  1. Standing Head to Knee Pose

With this pose, the backside of your knee is stretched, and biceps and triceps are strengthened. Here, your head is required to be put on knees. This pose helps to move the fluid to the cartilage and nurture it. With the passage of time, human body dries up, and the fluid becomes scarce. Bikram Yoga rebuilds the fluid in your joints. It is very beneficial but needs a lot of strength and patience.

  1. Standing Bow Pose

This pose makes your whole body look like a bow. The balance of the whole body is born with one leg of yours. This pose is also known as Dandaymana – Dhanurasana. This bow makes your spine strong and enhances the elasticity and size of the rib cage.

  1. Balancing Stick Pose

If you want to increase the flow of blood to your head, then Balancing Stick Pose is perfect for you. Here the bow pose is like a stick. It’s a T shape pose. This pose is also called Tuladandasana.

  1. Standing Separate Stretch Leg Stretching

In this pose, you bring your head to the face of the earth while stretching your legs widely. It will make your spine strong. It improves the functions of nerves and internal organs of your body. The aim is to touch your head on the earth. This pose will take a lot of time and patience.

  1. Triangle Pose

In this position, you stretch one arm above your head while bending your spine at ninety degrees. Here, your lungs come closer to your heart, and all your muscles are strengthened. It stimulates your digestive system and abdominal organs. In this position, the parts of your body which get stretched are the spine, chest, shoulders, calves, hamstrings and hips.

  1. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose

This pose is excellent for strengthening abdominal muscles and legs. In this pose, you have to make a shaped like a teardrop by rounding your spine and placing your head on the knee cap. It improves the immune system and burns a lot of calories. This position is also known as Dandayamana – Bibhaktapada.

  1. Tree Pose

This is most likely one of the most famous Yoga poses as you must have seen this in different Television programs. It is a somewhat complicated as you have to stay balanced on 1 foot and clasp your hands opposite to your chest. One foot should be above the knees of another leg.

  1. Toe Stand

In this pose, your knee is bent, and balance is on the toe. This pose is meant to increase your focus and attentiveness. It is very beneficial for your health, particularly for hemorrhoids.

  1. Dead Body Pose

All the above positions must have made you exhausted. Now is the time to relax your muscles so that you may regain your strength. Dead Body Pose improves blood circulation in your body.

  1. The Wind Removing Pose

Famous to assist in making abdomen better than ever, this is the ideal position to try for individuals who are having some issues with their tummy. You must rest on your back and drag one leg up to the stomach.

  1. Sit Up

From the lying down pose, this is just like doing sit ups, but the skull should be moved down as long as possible close to the knees. Here you will pull your feet with your hands. The flexibility of spine will be improved.

  1. Cobra Pose

Exercising this pose appears simple but you need a lot of practice. This pose is acknowledged to enhance spinal power, and lower pain felt throughout the body. Normally, individuals who do this pose also report a reduction in their hunger.

  1. Locust Pose

The advantages that you may get from the locust position are the same with the benefits of the Cobra pose, but rather than the interior section of the body, this concentrates more on the outer parts such as core and muscles.

  1. Full Locust Pose

This position is advised to make the function of spleen and liver better than ever. This pose is excellent to use whenever you need to cleanse and detoxify your system.

  1. Bow Pose

This includes lying down on your abdomen and pulling your legs upward and lets it touch with your hands that are extended as well. The spine will be stronger in this pose.

  1. Fixed Firm Pose

If you have not a good knee, you can still do this one. Indeed, people with terrible knees or those who experience sore bones, joints and muscles are advised to do this pose.

  1. Half Tortoise Pose

This position is designed for improving the pituitary gland, and this may assist people with sleeping troubles mainly insomnia. This pose will make your sleeping habits better than ever.

  1. Camel Pose

For those who want to reduce weight, this position will assist you in losing calories. Your legs are stretched in this position, and your knees touch the floor. It also helps to improve digestion issues such as constipation.

  1. Rabbit pose

To achieve the perfect balance of spine, rabbit pose is done. It is way simpler to do this pose as compared to the camel pose.

24 and 25. Head to Knee with Stretching Pose

This one is known to be a complex pose as it combines two poses: the stretching pose and the head to knee pose. You can face some difficulties in doing this, but a nonstop practice of this pose is going tom enhance your metabolism and lose some weight.

  1. Spine Twisting Pose

This one is the last pose among all Bikram Yoga Poses, and its major objective is to achieve the perfect overall balance of your body so that it can work better after the yoga.

It is obvious from the different Bikram Yoga poses that are explained above that there is steadiness involved to accurately stretch out your body to variant shapes. Is Bikram yoga good for you? Yes, of course. Burning off calories is not the only benefit you are going to get from Bikram Yoga poses; you will also feel more lively, re-energized and active. For additional comfort and precaution, you should use a superior quality Yoga mat while doing Bikram Yoga. The temperature of the room should be 107 F.

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