how to get rid of a runny nose

Introduction to Runny Nose:

A runny nose is a medication condition. Mostly comes under a spell in winters. Also, it is observed that runny noses may cause other ENT (ear, nose or/and throat) diseases. Those which stays for a longer time. At the certain point of time, these conditions are inherited from parents and other blood relatives.

 how to get rid of a runny nose ?

It is very much possible to get rid of a runny nose by following treatments mentioned in the later part of the article.

What are those inherited factors?

Well, to be honest, it can run in the blood. From paternal or maternal side of the family. To those who are more prone to get caught by others. It is also fixated to other causes which are mentioned below in the later part of this article.

Causes of Runny Nose:

Stemming down to the root causes of a runny nose, we have listed below some of the major reasons:

Cold and/or Flu:

How to get rid of a runny nose?

Cold and/or flu comes as weather changes. Besides the climate change, it may also occur due to any external factor. Those which are closer to the climate, environmental or even social meetings. Meeting and social gatherings can also put you go through a runny nose.

Can you answer why does that happen?

It is plainly due to the fact that a runny nose is often caught from others. Those who already have it and spread it in the air
How do infected individuals through cold germs in the air?

When those who are infected or caught with a sore throat and flu or cold do following:

Sneeze without covering their mouths. The spread of germs is thrown by the valid point of saliva in the air. It catches those who are near that; causing cold and flu.

Another reason for how it happens is when you sit too close to an individual who is affected.

Take on using the same napkin used by the person who has a cold or/and flu.

So, in a general runny nose can take place due to internal as well as external factors. Above mentioned external factors give an edge to get better soon.


However, on the contrary, when cold and flu comes with a runny nose. It is also due to the mere fact of internal factors:

For example allergies.

Allergies can become the reason of a runny nose. What does it lead to? This question is frequently asked. Any guess what it may take the affected person?

It is possible that the person who suffers from a runny nose may get admitted to the hospital. Reason again could be:

A prolonged runny nose: more than two weeks which makes 14 days.

Medicines not working: when the individual with a runny nose takes medicines and doesn’t get well.

Home treatments: it also has to do with remedies which stop making an impact in the body.

 Stress and Anxiety:

Another most common reason to catch a runny nose is due to STRESS, ANXIETY, TENSION and few other MENTAL CONDITIONS.

How to get rid of a runny nose?

  • Stop taking the stress and falling in depression. Easy than done, right? Well, to eradicate these conditions, you can definitely:
  • Take psychiatric help.
  • Buy over the counter medicines.
  • Talk it out, do catharsis.
  • Therapies do wonders too.
  • Last but not the least, mental exercises recommended by therapists, psychologists, and even psychiatrists.

Home Remedies for Runny Nose for Adults –
How to Stop a Runny Nose:

Enlisted below are runny nose remedies. These are equally suitable for adults and children above five years of age.

how to get rid of a runny nose

1.    Dropping Salt Water:

This remedy is suit good for either gender. However, not really recommended for kids below five years. Alright so what you will need along with the step by step procedure is:


–    A mug which can go in the microwave.

–    One tablespoon of salt.

–    Dropper.


–    First of all take distilled water in the mug.

–    Warm it in one minute.

–    Add salt in water.

–    Take the dropper and take water in it.

–    Lay down, if doing by yourself.

–    Drop water from the dropper.

–    And keep your head up straight while laying down.

–    Repeat it 5 to 6 times in a day for two days.

–    Then go on to 3 times in a day in 24 hours.

–    In the end, repeat it once in the day till a runny nose completely ends.

2.    Essential Oils:

Mustard oil comes handy as well as useful in a runny nose. The question, how to get rid of a runny nose? Is better explained under:


–    Mustard essential oil – 2 teaspoons.

–    Dropper.

Step by step instructions:

–    Take a teaspoon and pour oil in it.

–    Put it right on the flame, making sure that you don’t get burnt. You can always use a microwave for that too.

–    Take dropper, fill it half way through with heated oil.

–    Drop it inside the nostrils. But you have to make sure of the certain points. And repeat it at least three times in a day.
i)      Oil is not too hot.

ii)     It is heated to the right point or temperature.

iii)    While heating it, you are not standing too close to the stove.
Iiv)    Etc

3.    Garlic Cloves:

Another way of dealing with, how to get rid of a runny nose:

Use garlic in daily cooking. Add crushed garlic cloves in the meals. You must have noticed that South Asian and Asian countries usually add garlic in almost every cuisine. What does it do? It eradicates those toxins which have the probability of giving a hard time in changing weather, etc.

 4.    Honey:

Honey holds an anti-bacterial agent. Giving not one but many reasons to use it. You can do following to take honey:


–    Honey two heap tablespoon.

–    Warm water.

–    Salt.

Method to follow:

–    Take a mug of hot water and add salt.

–    Also add in honey, preferably organic.

–    Drink it all the way till the end.

–    Repeat according to the condition.

How to get rid of a runny nose?

All in all, the above-stated causes and treatments can help in eliminating runny nose. Besides that, if you don’t get benefited, then please pay a visit to the doctor.

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