Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Fairarticles applies to all the activities regarding information collection. It explains how we manage data collected by us or the data you provide through any channel. It also explicates how we manage data gathered through 3rd party websites or platforms.

How Information is collected?

We gather information when you give us your information in person, by mail, fax, email, websites, any social media channel, mobile application or any other channel. Sweepstakes/Contests, sponsored events, and transactions are other ways of collecting information. The information may contain your phone number, IP service provider, email id, address, name and any data that tells about your identification. We also get your information through internet browsers.

How We Use Your Information?

Your information is used by us to give you’re the services or products you need from us. We can reply you in a better way if we have your personal information. It lets us tailor the content (or our response) according to the needs of the users. We also use users’ information to inform them about our contests, surveys, gifts, offers and announcements. We use information to know the trend and change our business accordingly. Sometimes information is needed for legal requirements regarding transactions against any purchase.

With whom we Share Your Information?

We only share information with 3rd parties when:

  • We want to them to send you products or services (you need) directly.
  • We need them to run our promotional campaigns.
  • We want services or products from them so that we may deliver you.
  • If we need some companies to help in providing customer services, managing orders, promotion, supervising, warranties, collecting payment, invoicing, delivering, manufacturing
  • Hosting or IT Companies


Every user provides his/her consent by using our services, applications, products, and websites. Sometimes, we do ask our users to confirm their data/information, but we are not liable to ask every time. You cannot stop us from sharing your information to necessary 3rd parties after sharing your information through any of the ways mentioned above.

Legal Requirement

Fairarticles can disclose your data to meet legal compliance. Law enforcing agencies can demand the information of any user for a search warrant, legal proceedings, court orders and legal sessions. Your information can also be disclosed to auditors for verifying any financial transactions in case you buy any products or services from us.

Age restrictions

Fairarticles may not be appropriate for kids under 13 years of age. Kids under 13 years of age must ask their parents before using our website or any product. We do not encourage children to read the content of our website because our website may contain some adult health information.

Your data/information can be updated Update

Your data/information can be updated upon your request. If you want to update your phone number, address, name, status, bank information, email id or any other data, you can request us through our “Contact us form, ” and we will do that accordingly.

How to Unsubscribe?

If you do not wish to get our informative or promotional material through emails, then you can unsubscribe through any email by clicking on the option “Unsubscribe.”

Third-Party Fees/ Mobile Devices

Periodically, Fairarticles blog develops mobile device application and campaigns of mobile promotion campaigns available to you and may let you sign up for exclusive services that include e-mails or messages being received by your mobile phones. If you use our mobile device services, it can charge you 3rd party fees, together with airtime charges, SMS or mobile carrier charges. We will not be held responsible for those charges, including any charges related to the use of 3rd party services.  You can ask your telecom company for pricing plans before buying or downloading any app or signing up for any such service to know the fees. We will let you opt out from those services provided they are under our control. You can also ask your mobile company for unsubscribing such services anytime. If you participate in any of our online competitions or contests, not only you give us consent to use your personal information, but you may also have to bear expenses for any SMS or to download.

3rd Party Sites/Links

Fairarticles blog contain 3rd party links. Users must read the privacy policies of those websites before doing any activity. We don’t have any control over such 3rd party websites.  Users will be responsible for any issues. The 3rd party links available on our blog or social media pages may be due to any corporate agreements or promotional campaigns. When you land on their websites, our responsibilities end immediately.

Data Protection

We try our level best to keep your information confidential and secure. But no one can guarantee data protection as the data of top IT companies like Yahoo also got compromised due to hackers. We also don’t provide any guarantee because of such hackers’ attacks.

Using Cookies

To keep a track record of your information and preferences, we may use your cookies. If you don’t know what are cookies in IT language, then let us tell you cookies are small components of information and data that your internet browsers store for future references. You can always disable cookies by going into the browser’s settings. Different plugins can also be used to protect from cookies. By not turning off the, you give your consent to us to track your preferences. Remember, cookies do not let anyone to collect any data from your hard drive.

Advertisements on Our Website and Products/Service

You may see 3rd party ads on our blog or any services. These parties are obliged to keep your information confidential. Advertisements on our blog help us to run our blog, so we cannot disallow their support. Your understanding in this matter is highly appreciable.

Updating Privacy Policy

We may change the privacy policy of Fairarticles to meet the latest business or legal requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of such changes.

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to provide us suggestions or feedback through our Contact us form

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